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Credit vehicles GPS
2017-06-01 21:52:04

Credit vehicles GPS

Status: in the credit industry car, because the credit party cannot grasp the vehicle position and the actual use condition, the current widespread fraud, malicious default, dismantling, and so on and so forth, have a negative impact on the credit enterprise benefit.
Now the problem:
Pieces of malicious fraud
Pieces of malicious default
Mixer equipment dismantling
In pieces management difficult
With a greater risk in pieces
GPS solution:
GPS equipment professional hidden installation, loans the owner cannot be easily noticed.Global satellite positioning technology, credit can accurately be real-time online monitoring of vehicles, the route is clear, we can know the location of the vehicle, set up the credit between company and vehicle rapid, accurate and effective information transmission channel, achieve the effective management of credit vehicles.
Pieces are available credit vehicles travel history, feature-rich electronic data report, include vehicle mileage credit information, daily and monthly traffic information and other important information, to do know, vehicle usage can according to different credit rating loans vehicles, one-on-one locating and tracking can realize the distance measurement, understand loans accurate distance of the vehicle at any time and scope.
Electronic fence function, in the national picture out any fence, can set the vehicle throughout, can also be prohibited from setting vehicles.Tightly controlled vehicle.
Equipment tamper alarm, car alarm Ann once removed, alarm to the control center immediately.

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