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Factory GPS
2017-06-01 22:10:43

Factory GPS

Status: there is a widespread private enterprises team, high fuel consumption, vehicle wear serious problems such as weak, vehicle management, the practical function of GPS vehicle positioning management system and humanized management platform can easily realize the effective management of the vehicle.
Now the problem:
Mixer private
Pieces fuel consumption is too high
Mixer heavily damaged vehicle
Mixer dangerous driving
GPS solution:
Pieces of the electronic map on the computer, monitor all the team at any time, rapidly and accurately track position to the position of the vehicle, to strengthen the management of vehicles, improve the work efficiency.
Mixer can query historical journey, of the actual use of the vehicle's actual records including line, parking and driving time drive location, parking location query, etc., to understand the vehicle's running status information and the entire process to the destination, effectively solve the private, serious problems and vehicle wear and tear.
Through real-time fuel consumption management system, intelligent driving behavior analysis, in the form of safety management and comprehensive control and management, greatly reduces the cost of fuel consumption, save cost.
In pieces when the vehicle speed is beyond the preset speed, the system automatically alarm to center platform, and display the vehicle's position, speed, direction, time, specific situation, effective control of endanger people, car safety situation.

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