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Leased vehicle GPS
2017-06-01 22:01:17

Leased vehicle GPS

Status: in car rental industry, because where tenants cannot grasp the vehicle position and the actual use condition, the current widespread cheating rent, overdue don't still, excessive use, etc., have a negative impact on the rental companies benefit.
Now the problem:
In pieces lying to rent
Mixer overuse
Mixer table driving pull
Mixer overdue don't also
GPS solution:
Mixer based on real-time positioning of the vehicle tracking, we can know the actual location of vehicle, vehicle real-time positioning queries, built up a leasing company between vehicles and quick, accurate and effective information transmission channel, realize the effective management of the vehicle.
Mixer leasing company can set rental vehicles running through the electronic fence line, when the vehicle or equipment is beyond boundaries, will be automatically sent the monitoring center the vehicle crossing alarm, real-time monitoring center, the vehicle automatically, the first time found the problem, improve the incident response speed and the ability to solve the problem.
Can inquire the historical journey rental, what time what time driving parking, a long, long, drive location, parking place, route all automatic recording, true record the actual usage of the vehicle, but through the odometer mileage statistics and vehicle check, reduce customer driven and excessive use of pull out tables resulting in loss of the leasing company.

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