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Logistics GPS
2017-06-01 22:20:03

Logistics GPS

Status: YUEBIZ can realize real-time positioning of vehicle and cargo tracking and monitoring, and other functions, the transport industry in every link of the shipper, the third party logistics, and the driver information effectively and fully combine, achieve the goal of fully dispatching the goods and vehicles, protect the safety of the goods and the driver, improve transport efficiency.
Now the problem:
In pieces on the way of discharge
Mixer delay delivery time
In pieces the efficiency is low
Mixer super area driving
Mixer dangerous driving
GPS solution:
Pieces of the electronic map on the computer, monitor all logistics vehicles, rapidly and accurately tracking location to the location of the goods and vehicles, to strengthen the management of vehicles, reduce resource waste, improve work efficiency.
Mixer can query the logistics vehicles travel history, what time what time the driver to drive, parking, how long, how long, drive location, parking place, route all automatic recording, the real use of the actual logistics vehicle, knowledge of logistics vehicles running state information and the entire process to the destination, a more effective and reasonable arrangements for the next transport task.
Mixer can also set the logistics vehicles running through the electronic fence line, the driver what time delivery destination, what time to leave the destination;Don't over time as stipulated in the company to enter or leave the reservation center alarm automatically to the platform.Effectively grasp the frequency of the driver of the car, with the actual conditions of loading and unloading, improve vehicle use turnover value.On the location and operation of logistics vehicles can know, transparent control.
Mixer speed when the vehicle is beyond the preset speed, the system automatically alarm to center platform, and display the vehicle's position, speed, direction, time, specific circumstances, effective control endanger people, vehicles, cargo security situation.
In pieces mighty anti-theft, rob function to prevent car theft, avoid losses even bring goods together.
In pieces the monthly work report every day effectively to the driver and internal staff job skills, and attitudes to provide basis for assessment of punishment, effectively improve the economic benefit and management level.

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