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2017-06-01 22:29:06

Taxi GPS

Status: the rapid growth of the urban taxi number but relatively backward industry management brought the disadvantages: low efficiency, high cost and poor real-time performance, scheduling, resource waste, arrested development of the industry.Combined with taxi robbery increased significantly in recent years, a serious threat to the driver's personal safety and property.In order to strengthen the effective management of the taxi industry vehicle, the establishment of a unified, efficient and smooth, wide coverage, universal vehicle management system is very necessary.
Now the problem:
Mixer speeding
Mixer fatigue driving
Mixer was robbed
GPS solution:
Mixer system can be to monitor fatigue driving, speeding, speeding through regulation, reduce accidents, to ensure the safety of vehicle driving, can promote the driver specification vehicle safety driving.
Mixer system between the cab and the monitoring center established quick, accurate and effective information transmission channel.The monitoring center can always grasp the vehicle status, scheduling orders quickly.
Through the electronic fence, after the abnormal vehicle into set out of the fence.The monitoring center immediately for the alarm.Contact the vehicle, effectively safeguard the personal safety of the driver.
Mixer passengers call about a car dispatching center, the network can be seconded automatically search area of the empty car, the car details of using voice or transmit the information of Chinese characters to on-board display terminal, greatly improving the efficiency of the dispatcher for car, shortened the time of the call about, reducing the driver empty mileage, enhance the economic income of the driver, alleviate the pressure of urban road traffic.Can also provide timing to make an appointment, send car, the guest reply, tracking, and other functions.

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