Bluetooth digital invisible immobilizer car alarm system

Model: YB100         Single package size:22 x 14 x 8cm         Single gross weight:300g         Voltage:DC 12V
Introduction: Bluetooth digital key mobile phone app control car immobilizer alarm system.

Now YUEBIZ newly is launching a 2022 BT digital invisible immobilizer Car alarm system

BT car Alarm
Do you have these troubles?
1. Car alarm system cost is expensive?
2. Car alarm sound is too noisy?
3. Car alarm wire connection is more complicated?
4. Car alarm Installation cost and time is more?
5. Be easy to lost alarm remotes?
Bluetooth Anti-Theft System
It is an upgraded version of 2.4G immobilizer system
Bluetooth invisible Immobilizer car key Easy anti-theft! Bluetooth control.
The nightmare of car thieves!
1. Only 3 wires connection
2. BT Technolgy Antitheft
3. Supporting Washing Car Mode
4. Small size, Easy to hide it
5. Suitable for all cars
BT car Anti-Theft System
Bluetooth digital invisible immobilizer car alarm system Working Mode:
Bluetooth is connected, start engine, the relay doesn’t work, oil supply won’t be cut!
Bluetooth is disconnected, start the engine, the relay will work, oil supply will be cut!
BT Vehicle Immobilizer System
car immobilizer alarm system
NEW upgrade digital invisible immobilizer: BT Vehicle Immobilizer System
This product is an upgraded version of 2.4G immobilizer alarm. It is strongly recommended to upgrade. Reasons for choosing the upgraded version:
1. Bluetooth digital invisible immobilizer system;
2. It is convenient to carry;
3. Bluetooth Control car, technology Revolutionary.
BT Vehicle Immobilizer System

BT car engine immobilizer system smart phone app control not 2.4G frequency car alarm Advantage:

Advantage 1: BT app control

Advantage 2: BT app cut oil out of BT range

Advantage 3: BT app connect oil within BTrange

Advantage 4: BT app control distance about 3-5m

Why do you choose YUEBIZ this Bluetooth digital invisible immobilizer?
1. Mobile app becomes your alarm key!
2. Wholesale price is more favorable
3. Only connect 3 wires(12V power, black ground, and oil path wire or start wire!);
4. It fits all cars;
5. It will add mobile app lock, the app unlocks, app start-stop engine if buy YUEBIZ smart car alarm!
6. We have Spanish/English installation manual, English installation, and function demo video!
BT car immobilizer alarm system
BT car immobilizer alarm system

BT car Alarm,BT Vehicle Anti-Theft System

BT car Anti-Theft System More Functions advantages:
1. Emergency reset switch for special use:
forget to take the mobile phone or no Bluetooth;
2. Size is so small, easy to hide it;
3. Engine is running, no Bluetooth suddenly, the car won’t engine off!
4. After the engine is off, the still car starts the engine within 1 minute!
BT Vehicle Immobilizer System
* Installation is super simple, and the wiring is less than 3 wires.

* BT digital technology makes car control and anti-theft convenient and effective.
* Support emergency reset for easy car-washing and driving when your mobile phone is without power.

Mobile phone BT changes to the invisible anti-theft car key.
Easy anti-theft, Bluetooth control, the nightmare of car thieves!

Vehicle immobilizer system
Note: This product Don’t support Samsung phone.
BT key immobilizer system
BT car Alarm system
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