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  • What are the functions of car installation GPS?

    Vehicle location, history, transparent consumption, transparent expenses, safety management, regional management, vehicle utilization statistics, speeding statistics, mileage statistics, car lock function, vehicle theft, command scheduling, fixed line running [View Details]
  • China lock up fuel vehicle is conducive to the development of electric vehicles

    The lock up fuel vehicle timetable, will lead to industry great repercussions, will significantly inhibit gasoline consumption, favorable development of electric vehicles, ethanol gasoline in 2020 covering China! [View Details]
  • PositionaIAccuracy Beidou satellite

    The horizontal positioning accuracy of the Beidou static meter level, and GPS considerable, elevation 10 meters, slightly less than GPS; in the middle and high latitudes, due to a small number of Beidou satellite visible satellite distribution is poor, poor positioning accuracy or could not be located. [View Details]
  • BeiDou Navigation Satellite System,BDS

    China Beidou satellite navigation system is China's self-developed global satellite navigation system. The United States global positioning system (GPS), the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system (GLONASS) after third mature satellite navigation system. Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS) and the United States GPS, Russia GLONASS, EU GALILEO, is the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission has identified suppliers. [View Details]
  • May 2017 SUV sales charts TOP20

    SUV is still the main force of sales, people's choice of cars is still SUV, you can see that the SUV brand on the market, the new models are also endless. But [Harvard H6] is still the champion, Chuan Qi GS4 sales increased significantly, and further closer to the gap between Harvard H6. [View Details]
  • Car sales list TOP100 in May 2017

    The May 2017 car sales ranking, new Lavida regain sales champion, May Volkswagen Lavida sales of 33599 the biggest winner. The new yinglang fell to second, May sales of 32908 new yinglang; Japanese cars in two models broke into the top ten, respectively, Nissan Sylphy and TOYOTA Carola, the United States Department of car also has two models finalists. [View Details]

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