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BeiDou Navigation Satellite System,BDS
2017-09-14 23:52:41
         BeiDou, Navigation, Satellite, System and BDS are China's self-developed global satellite navigation systems. The United States global positioning system (GPS), the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system (GLONASS) after third mature satellite navigation system. Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS) and the United States GPS, Russia GLONASS, EU GALILEO, is the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission has identified suppliers.
         China GPS Beidou satellite navigation system by the space segment and the ground segment and user segment is composed of three parts, in the global scope of all-weather, all day long time for all kinds of users with high precision and high reliable positioning, navigation and timing services and short message communication ability, has regional navigation, positioning and timing ability. The positioning accuracy of 10 meters, the measurement precision of 0.2 M / s, the timing accuracy of 10 ns.
         In December 27, 2012, the official version of Beidou system space signal interface control document 1 was officially announced, and Beidou navigation service officially provided passive positioning, navigation and time service to the Asia Pacific region.
         In December 27, 2013, the Beidou satellite navigation system to provide a formal regional service 1st Anniversary press conference at the State Council Information Office held a press conference hall, officially released the "Beidou system public service performance specification (version 1)" and "Beidou System spatial signal interface control document (2 edition)" two system files.
         In November 23, 2014, the international maritime organization by the Maritime Safety Committee of the Beidou satellite navigation system by navigation security through letter, which marks the Beidou satellite navigation system officially became part of global radio navigation system, made for application of international maritime legal status.
         GPS China's satellite navigation system has been recognized by the international maritime organization.

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