Portable Wireless car gps tracker with voice monitoring

Introduction:GT03 is a No installation portable wireless car gps tracker.It can be used in logistics truck and car to support fleet managment.
The main functions of the GT03:
1.Real time tracking by Android&IOS APP,and PC also. 
2.History route 
3.Geo-fence Alarm
4.Voice monitoring 
5.Demolition alarm 
6.Vibration alarm 
7.Displacement alarm 
8.Various work modes: rapid positioning,standard positioning and save electricity positioning.

The specification of the GT03:

Positioning:GPS satellite positioning +GPS auxiliary positioning+LBS station positioning 

Positioning accuracy: GPS—5-15m   

Base station location—-100-1000m

Device size: 96*60*22.6mm 

Battery capacity: 5000mAh  

Longest standby time: 90 days  

Charging time: 8 hours

24 Hours Car Guardian GPS Tracker GT03
GT03  the most popular gps track with super long standby time 

Wireless gps tracker

7 Core Advantages:GPS Tracker GT03
1,Move History
2,Shock Alarm
3,Accurate Locating Anti-theft
6,Huge Battery
Move History Replay:
GT03 keeps move history of the latest 3 months.Car’s speed,directions,times will be displayed during the period of replay.

car gps tracker

Portable gps tracker Geofence:
A geographic range limit can be set to make phone APP and computer webpage plaform sounds and displays alarm messages for the GT03 getting in or out.
Alarm timeliness depends on positioning frequency,which means faster positioning,timelier alarm.
Vibration Alarm:
Your car will be guards by the GT03 for 24 hours.Only when your car got vibration,GT03 will call your phone and send alarm message to your phone,computer webpage platfrm and phone APP.
Double Mode Positioning:
GPS+LBS fast realtime positioning makes you know where your car is.
voice monitoring gps tracker Listen-in:
User phone number can be inputted into the phone APP and the GT03 will call the phone number back without any instructions and sounds on the GT03 for the user to listen voices and sounds around his car by high sensitive microphone and excellent voice quality.
Light Sense Alarm:
Informing phone in realtime with high sensitivity
GT03 back has light sensor for alaming light.The GT03 will inform the phone once the sensor has been covered for over 3 minutes,and then been uncovered and sensed light.
Built-in Battery:
GT03 has internal battery with 5000mah capacity for 60 days stand-by or 20 days working.The phone APP will display residual power in percent of the battery.
Multiple Tracking Way:Accurate Route Replay,
Free-install vehicle GPS Tracker GT03,
SMS Tracking,Android Tracking,IOS Tracking,Computer Tracking.
Geofencing on phone APP:
Realtime Tracking on phone APP:
24 Hours Vehicle Guard
24 Hours Vehicle Guard
Button and Charging Port
Internal SIM Card Slot
Instruction Light
Side Microphone
phone Tracking:
Please download our phone APP(AI Tracker) for IOS/Android system according to the insruction handbook after you bought trackers.
Tracking Car’s Trails By Phone:
Tracking Car’s Trails isn’t a dream.
We developed the APP for using smart phone to track the car.All you need to do is download and install the APP to your phone,and then you can track your car immediately.
Replaying Car’s Historical Route:
The historical moving route of the latest 3 months of the tracker can be replayed on our Android/IOS tracking APP(AI Tracker) or Webpage(http://www.gpsyi.com) tracking platform.
Historical Moving Route Replayed on Computer Webpage(http://www.gpsyi.com) platform:
Personal Vehicle:
Nowadays,thieves are active thus we are nervous everyday.
Except that,friends borrows our cars etc.will also make us upset…
BUT! A vehicle GPS tracker can solve the problems!
Also,by using the vehicle GPS tracker,we can see where they are and which direction they are going to so that we can ensure their safeties.
Vehicle Rental Company:
Car lending and tickets receiving…
Fake certifications mortgage,do not return car,hit and run
Fleet Management:
Vehicle fleet management
Product Description:
          GPS tracker GT03 is one of the independently researched and developed GPS products from YUEBIZ Technology Co., Ltd. which adopted imported high gain GPS module and unique bi-module design, global commonly used GSM receiving antenna, with the lowest power consumption design, so it’s the most suitable GPS tracker without any complicated installations to hide in vehicles.  
Model GT03
Brand  YUEBIZ Technology
Network GSM/GPRS
GSM frequency Global commonly used 4 frequencies
GSM module

Quad band(GSM 850/900/1800/

1900 Mhz) 

GPS accuracy 5 meters
GPS sensitivity Tracking: -159 dBm Capture: -143 dBm
Working duration 60 days
Working temperature -20~+70 ℃
Working humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Phone APP operating System Android 2.3 and newer version IOS 5.0 and newer version
Size Length: 6 cm Width: 9.6 cm Thickness: 2.26 cm Packing box size: 8.5*13.1*5 cm/piece
Product Composition:
GPS chip MTK3336
SIM card slot 1 unit
Accessories 1*user manual 1*charging cable
Low power alarm Supported.
Overspeed alarm Supported.
Geofencing A range can be set and alarm messages will be sent once the tracker was out of the geofence.
Route replaying The historical moving route of the latest 3 months(at least) of the watch can be replayed. 
Base station positioning Supported.
Residual energy display Residual power of the tracker can be displayed on the web and APP.
GSM blind port storage Position will be saved for 1-2 days if there is no GPRS signal till signal found and data uploded.
Positioning frequency Can be set by computer webpage platform, phone APP and SMS.
-It’s waterproof. -It’ll send an alarm messages to the monitor(admin/center) phone number when power is low, it’s vibrating and be taken out of the bag. -It supports replay historical moving route. -It supports geofencing set by the computer webpage platform and phone APP, once it’s out of fence, an alarm message will be sent to the web and APP. -It has GPS and GSM antenna so the accuracy is good. -It supports TCP communication on GPRS. -It supports base station auxiliary positioning which can increase accuracy. -It can be tracked by the web, APP and SMS. -Its battery has huge capacity of 5,000 mAh. -Its supports display residual power level on the web, APP and SMS.
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