GPS anti jammer Device YB70 auto signal detection against theft protecting gps online Anti-jammer device

Model: YB70
Package Type: 2 pcs/box
Weight: 235g
size: 125(L)mm*83(W)mm*75(H)mm
Introduction: please buy GPS Anti-jammer device if you can not locate your car online by gps tracker when thieves are shielding gps location signal.
GPS Anti-Jamming

Are you still worried that the thief is holding the jammer to interfere with your GPS positioning signal?

How can we protect our cars? Just installing GPS is not enough.
GPS Anti Jammer Device Product Wire Diagram:
GPS Anti Jammer Device circuit diagram

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anti-jammer device will protect car security against jammer device signal interference,the more jammer signal,the faster engine immobilizer.
GPS Anti-jammer Device YB70 Main Features:
1.power on the whole system;
2.Jammer device signal red light keeps on when there is constant signal interference;
3.After 30 seconds,jammer device blue light starts slow blinking if jammer signal continues,blue light slow blinking action will last 90 seconds;
4.After total 120 seconds,jammer device blue light will be keeping on,killer start relay will start working,and then cut car fuel pump supply,if jammer signal is always there,whole cut oil process will proceed total 5 times until engine will be cut finally at the 5th time.
5.But after 120 seconds,engine is cut status,jammer device will delay 60 seconds to detect signal again,engine immobilizer is reset if there is constant jammer signal after 60 seconds;
6.Within 60 seconds delaying checking duration,jammer signal is disappeared for several seconds and appear again for several seconds,60S delay time will restart from the beginning of new jammer signal happening;
7.When engine is immobilizer status,cut off the car power,reset power again,engine immobilizer status keeps the same status as before,if you want to get enable engine working,you need to wait 30 minutes.
Now Car – hackers have already induced a method of jamming GPS signals and escaping with the vehicles. Need our Anti-Jammer Device YB70.
Auto Signal detection against theft, protecting GPS online working .
*Protect car security against Jammer device signal interference,the more jammer signal,the faster engine immobilizer
*Jammer Signal VS GPS Lost Exact Location!
*Jammer Signal results in Engine OFF
*Anti-Jammer Device protect vehicle!
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