2G gsm & gps car alarm security system remote start stop engine and bluetooth auto central lock

Model: YB30AN-2G
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 22X19X13 cm
Single gross weight: 1.2 kg
Package Type: 1set color/box; 20sets/carton
Frequency (MHz): 433.92MHz/125KHZ
Function: GPS / GSM
Introduction: gsm & gps car alarm system,Smart Phone just like Smart key,bluetooth shake lock or unlock one App controls more cars.Prewarm or precool your car engine.
This product fits those cars without original factorystart button,if car is with original factory start button,Please buy our new version YB30S, it fits your requirements.
This product does not have prewarm feature ,not fit diesel mode. 
Let smart phone becomes your smart key!
Keyless start stop system
gsm & gps car alarm security system
Support:Supporting ISO and android smart phone!
Install:Easy to install,online installation assistance,video installation support.
App timer start app authorization
GPS online real time location
smart phone app lock unlock
smart phone app english voice monitoring
smart phone app start stop engine
app timer start app authorization
alarm notification by sms or phone
smart phone app finding the cat
Just One App:
Smart Phone just like Smart key,bluetooth shake lock or unlock one App controls more cars. Prewarm or precool your car engine.

How to Let “IsmartCar” APP Work?

1. Find one phone SIM card with data traffic and sms function when get YUEBIZ PKE GSM GPS Car Alarm System;
2. Fix it to YUEBIZ GPS Module;
3. Set APN to access local net if it is necessary !
4. Edit and Send a APN SMS command to YUEBIZ GPS Module. SIM card number by your own mobile phone;
5. Download “IsmartCar” APP from Google store or apple store, APP Login ID is from YUEBIZ GPS Module sticker on the positive interface, default password is 888888;
6. Command: AS*APN,APN name, user name, passwords#
7. Search your SIM card carrier APN name, user name, passwords from Google searching engine or call your local carrier to get them;
8. You can use APP operation when GPS Module blue light is blinking slowly, also you will get successful setting short message feedback after you sent APN SMS command and your sms command information is also correct.

Main cables:
main unit wire diagram

product technology parameters

gsm car alarm,remote start stop

car alarm security system

bluetooth central lock

Keyless Entry system

GPS online real time location

production and testing flow chart

Product composition :

1pc Main Unit
1pc start stop button
1pc alarm led
1pc start cable
1pc main cable
1pc shock sensor
1pc passwords pad
1pc gps module
1pc color box
1pc product manual
2pcs pke antennas
2pcs smart keys

App main features:

Smart phone app control function:

01, Mobile APP Lock or Unlock
Advantage:judge your car lock or unlock status by mobile app showing status, keep car on safe status.
02, Mobile APP Start Stop Engine
Advantage: Precooll the car in the summer, prewarm the car in the winter.
03, Mobile APP Open Trunk
Advantage: if you forget to take the file bag from car trunk and you must hold the meeting, you can ask your secretary to fetch your file bag by pressing app trunk open button.
04, Mobile APP Voice Monitoring
Advantage: If triggering SOS alarm, you can monitor real voice from robber or dialogue between hijacker and robbers.
05, GPS Online and Real Time Location
Advantage: Knowing own car position by APP location where it is.
06, GPS History Tracking Replay
Advantage: Know own history driving routines for possible proof role such as crime scene exclusion.

07, GPS Location can be enable or disable
Car own disable gps tracking freely to anti-tracking by other people.
08, SMS or Phone Alarm
Advantage: Get SMS or phone alarm notification wherever you are or whenever it is .
09, SMS or APP Cut Oil
Advantage: you can immobilizer car engine by SMS or APP when car is stolen or anti robbery.
10, Mobile APP Authorization Function
Advantage: Authorize other people to drive your car. This function is useful for renting company.
11, Bluetooth PKE
Advantages: Bluetooth app lock or unlock with GSM GPS Signal.


* Your product fits All Cars?
Answer:For almost all key start cars!
* I can buy this product if my car has original start stop button?
Answer:YUEBIZ has a new developed product which fits your car, Please send inquire
to us for more details.
* I only want to add remote start by OEM remote, I don’t need push start mobile app control, you can satisfy my requirement?
Answer: YUEBIZ has a upgrading product which fits your car, take it as a seperate start module, please send inquire to us fro more details .
* How do I avoid original car chip key immoblizer? And how to release steering wheel lock?
Answer: YUEBIZ has professional video for your installation assistance, it is easy to understand by watching the video, please send inquire to us for video link .
Installation is easy ? Cna I install it by myself?
Answer: YUEBIZ strongly suggest that you need to find professional mechanics to install our product , we have installation manual , video and online installation assistance, so it is not hard thing for professional pserson, you can try it if you have professional car circuit knowledge or skill.
I am a wholesaler and small seller, YUEBIZ can accept small order? Delivery time can be fast?
Answer: YUEBIZ always supports small seller with MOQ one piece and competitive price, we have stock at any time .
YUEBIZ has OEM and ODM ability?
Answer: YUEBIZ has own researching team and patent technology, we have developed some ODM and OEM successful cases, we have enough experience for your ODM product or OEM product requirement, but we need some order quantities requirement at first, send inquire to us for more details .
What is YUEBIZ warranty?
Answer: 2 years quality guarantee period, free value replacement if send product problem video proof , don’t need to return defection product.
YUEBIZ has own brand and certification?
Answer: YUEBIZ has own domestic brand trade mark and USA register trade mark, we have passed CE, FCC,Rohs, SGS certification .
May I become YUEBIZ exclusive agent in our city or country?
Answer: YUEBIZ always support exclusive agent cooperation commerce mode if you can meet our some contract conditions. Please send inquire to us for more details .
Q1: My car has two start wires? How do I connect wires?
A1: Please add one relay to connect!
Q2: My car has two ON wires? How do I connect wires?
A2: Please add one relay to connect!
Q3: My car start wire is 5V signal? How do I connect wires?
A3: Please add one relay to connect! Fill in on excel table with all testing data, we will help you to analyze it.
Q4: My car has start stop button, I only want to add mobile app control, which product from YEUBIZ fits my car?
A4: Please buy YUEBIZ YB30S special version which specially fits this type of car!
Q5: I only want to add mobile app control, I don’t need start stop button, and I only want to use my original key to start, which product fits me?
A5: Please buy our new version YB50, it fits your requirements.
Q6: I can not find lock or unlock wire from my car, how should I do ?
A6: Add one two actuator to pull original car central lock; or find lock or unlock wire from car fuse box. It is usually 5V, but YUEBIZ negative trigger connection.
Q7: My car lock and unlock is one single wire, how do I connect central lock wires?
A7: Contact YUEBIZ to get connection wire diagram.
Q8: Start time is short, how should I do ?
A8: Set longer time by dip switch and remote program!
Q9: My car has door handle trigger wires, YUEBIZ product has trigger wires to match my door handle device?
A9: Yes, please buy our 2019 new version with door handle trigger output!
Q10: I want to buy big quantities with better price , YEUBIZ can satisfy my requirement?
A10: Yes. YUEBIZ has one competitive version with favorable price now , please contact us to get better price .
Q11: I want to make OEM or ODM product , YUEBIZ has this capability?
A11: Yes. YUEBIZ has own research team, we can make OEM or ODM product fastly and professionally .
Q12: I want to become YUEBIZ agent, What good conditions can I get from YUEBIZ company?
A12: We warmly welcome agent cooperation, we will provide better price and new items to you , including more favorable cooperation conditions, please contact us to get exclusive agent contract with many detailed cooperation clauses.
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