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Model: YB02
Size: 87(L)mm*43(W)mm*14(H)mm
Weight: 50g
Introduction: YB02 vehicle GPS Tracker Factory with free gps tracking system&Kenya waterproof vehicle gps tracker Factory.cut off fuel and electricity.
The main functions of YB02:
1.Real time tracking by Android&IOS APP,and PC also.
2.Do the Master setting
3.Cut off oil& electric function 
4.Waterproof IP65
5.Over-speed alarm 
6.Vibration alarm 
7.Low battery alarm
8.Cut Off Alarm
9.Geo-Fence Alarm
The specification of YB02:
GSM:850/900/1800/1900 Quad band 
Working Voltage:9-90V
Waterproof of Grade:IP65
Setting static and movement upload timing interval
Only three wires; Power supply grounding cut off petrol/electric 
GPS static closed enter power save mode
Setting management number 
Cutoff (petrol/electric)only speed less than 20Km/H
Backup Battery:100mAh Standby time: 2 hours
NO.1 Appearance
Adopting simple appearance design
which makes discovery hard and hide easy.
NO.2 Remote Control
cutting relay can be connected.
vehicle tracker manufacturer
NO.3 A Full Set OF Accessories
Wire,tracker,instruction handbook
Power situation indicator light
GSM signal situation indicator light
GPS signal indicator light
Car/motorcycle universal GPS tracker
Really waterproof car locator
Waterproof vehicle GPS Tracker
phone Tracking:
Please download our phone APP(AI Tracker) for IOS/Android system according to the insruction handbook after you bought trackers.
Tracking Car’s Trails By Phone:
Tracking Car’s Trails isn’t a dream.
We developed the APP for using smart phone to track the car.All you need to do is download and install the APP to your phone,and then you can track your car immediately.
Replaying Car’s Historical Route:
The historical moving route of the latest 3 months of the tracker can be replayed on our Android/IOS tracking APP(AI Tracker) or Webpage(http://www.gpsyi.com) tracking platform.
Historical Moving Route Replayed on Computer Webpage(http://www.gpsyi.com) platform:
Construction plant vehicle GPS tracker
Cab GPS tracker
Logistics vehicle GPS tracker
Personal vehicle GPS tracker
Motorbike GPS tracker
Electrical motorbike GPS tracker
vehicle tracker factory
Personal Vehicle:
Nowadays,thieves are active thus we are nervous everyday.
Except that,friends borrows our cars etc.will also make us upset…
BUT! A vehicle GPS tracker can solve the problems!
Also,by using the vehicle GPS tracker,we can see where they are and which direction they are going to so that we can ensure their safeties.
Vehicle Rental Company:
Car lending and tickets receiving…
Fake certifications mortgage,do not return car,hit and run
Fleet Management:
Vehicle fleet management
Car Tracker Factory
Please Note:Please ensure tracker’s front will face up and won’t be covered by metal.
Truck’s recommended installation position:
Plastic roof inside
Console inside under the front windshield
Car’s recommemded installation position:
Front guard vicinity
Console inside under the front wind shield
Seats vicinity
Plastic board inside under the rear windshield
Car doors inside
Rear guard vicinity
Motorbike&electrical motorbike’s recommended installation position:
Lampshade inside or stopwatch vicnity
Seat inside or plastic part inside
gps tracker factory
Product Description:

          Vehicle GPS tracker YB02 is one of the independently researched and developed GPS products from YUEBIZ Technology Co., Ltd. which adopted imported high gain GPS module and unique dual mode design, global commonly used GSM receiving antenna, with the lowest power consumption design, so it’s a most suitable and easily hidden and installed GPS tracker in car because of small type and light weight.

BrandYUEBIZ Technology
GSM frequencyGlobal commonly used 4 frequencies
GSM module

Quad band(GSM 850/900/1800

/1900 Mhz) 

GPS accuracy10 meters, 2D RMS
Hot start

1 second(all data is valid, start within

2 hours since the last positioning)

Warm start

32 seconds(initialization data loaded,

start after 2 hours since the last positioning)

Cold start

38 seconds

(first start, ephemeris cleared and then start,

move out about 1,000 km and then start)

NetworkGSM/GPRS(class 12, TCP/IP)
Radiation Very lower than the national standard 
Weight50 grams
Working voltage range9 – 90 V DC
Working temperature-20 to +70 ℃
Working humidity20 – 80% RH
Working current22 mA(12 V DC), 12 mA(24 VDC)
Operating system for phone APPAndroid 2.3 & higher, IOS 5.0 & higher

Length: 87 mm

Width: 43 mm

Height: 14 mm

Packing size: 13.3 × 9.8 × 5.5 cm/piece

Product Composition:
GPS indicator light (Green) When GPS isn’t working, this light will be twinkling. When GPS works normall, the light will be always lighting.
GSM  indicator light (Blue) When GSM receives signals normally, this light will be always lighting. When there are no GSM signals, the light will be twinkling.
Power indicator light (Red) When the tracker connects the power of DC 9 – 24V, this light will be always lighting until 5 minutes passed. Once the trackers receives calling, it lights again, and will be turned off after 5 minutes.
Power connector To connect the car battery.
GPS antenna GPS accuracy: 10 meters, 2D RMS
SIM card slot 1 unit
Accessories 1*charging cable 4*dust plug 4*screw 1*instruction handbook
Gas & electricity remotely cutting/recovering By messaging or Web platform/IOS & Android APP operating.
Low voltage alarming A warning message will be sent to Web platform & phone APP if the voltage is too low.
Vibration alarm A warning message will be sent to Web platform & phone APP if the vehicle is shaking.
Geofence A Geofence can be set and the warning messages will be sent once the tracker was out of the geofence.
Historical route replaying The historical moving route of the latest 3 months of the watch can be replayed. 
Base station auxiliary positioning Supported
Residual energy display The residual energy of the tracker can be displayed on the Web tracking platform and phone APP.
Low power consumption mode It’ll stay automatically if it moves less than 200 meters within 10 minutes
GSM blind port storage Positioning data will be saved when there is no GPRS signal until the signal is found and the data uploded.
ACC feedbacking The situation of ACC can be checked on the Web platform & phone APP.
Out of electricity supplying alarm A warning message will be sent to the Web platform & phone APP once the tracker is out of electricity supplying.
The interval of time of uploading positioning data adjustment Supported
-It’s cheaper than same type product for at least 20%. -It’s easy to hide in car because it’s small & lightweight so It can be used for anti-theft. -It can remotely cut(or recover) the gas & electricity and can be rested(or started) remotely by SMS/android APP/IOS APP/web page. -It binds phone number, which means, text message will be sent to another phone number when its voltage is too low and it was out of the geofencing. -It supports inspection of its position and residual energy by Android /IOS APP. -It supports base station auxiliary positioning so the accuracy is high. -It has internal shock sensor and movement recognition system so the warning message will be sent when the vehicle is shaking or some situations happened. -It can feedback the realtime position information by sending messages. -It has global commonly used quad band. -It has a function of GSM blind port storage which can save the positioning data when there is no GPRS signal until the signal is found and the data uploded. -It’ll feedback if the ACC is on or off and the user can check it on the Web tracking platform and phone APP. -It’ll send a warning message once it out of charging. -It’ll stay automatically if it moves less than 200 meters within 10 minutes so it’s very power-saving. -Its integration level is very high so it’s easy to install. -Its time interval of automatically uploading positioning data can be set. -It’s dual-mode so the accuracy is high.
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