Wireless GPS tracking device, which is a good choice for car rental companies

The Wireless Magnet GPS Tracker is a hidden GPS tracking device that we can install under the car so that the driver can hardly find it. Therefore, GPS tracking devices that are easy to hide are a good choice for car rental companies.
For some customers who only use tracker devices for positioning, many multi-function GPS trackers are not only expensive but also not easy to install. To cope with this situation, wireless tracking devices have emerged in the GPS market.


The best feature of the device is wireless, which does not require cables to be connected to the car like other trackers, reducing installation hassles. Normally, if you don’t need a cable, you can place the product in many places. Wireless GPS trackers typically have powerful magnetic capabilities. Most wired GPS trackers are not easily hidden because it is connected to the car’s interface. It is easy to detect and destroy, and it is impossible to achieve normal positioning. The ferromagnetic wireless tracking device itself has anti-shielding and anti-detection functions, is small in size, easy to hide and difficult to find.


After having a magnetic wireless tracking device, it is recommended to place it in the following places, which will not affect the positioning signal and will not be easily found.
1. Front bumper
The front of the bumper is the location that many companies have installed before because the magnet is sucked up, you can’t see it at all, so at the beginning, the front of the bumper is still a good installation position.
2. Rear tail box
3. Inside spare tire
A spare tire is a place that is not easy to think of about place GPS tracker.
4. Inside seat
Placed in the seat, it is difficult to be found with the naked eye
5. Inside mirror
Hope this information can help you find the right wireless tracking device.
Since there is no need to connect the vehicle’s power supply, the product itself will support long-term standby, which will ensure that the long-awaited wireless tracking device can be used for a long time after charging, which also saves power loss during charging. The vehicle is driving.

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